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I do belive that we all are one global village.
This is a service provided to individuals, couples, families and organizations that for any reason has to move to Argentina. I know through personal experience how difficult it may be some times to integrate the cultural changes into day to day life. Since I use to work for a Northamerican company for 13 years traveling all over southamerica, Europe and live in United States since 2002 till 2007. Then I came back to Argentina, rise a family and study Counseling in Psichology in Maimónides University.
Coming from a different society can be some times complicated by language barrier as well as social values and in order to blend, or at least find activities to feel at home, it seems to me important to understand how people live, think and feel about their respective interaction with others.
Working with a systemic point of view, we can find different approaches to difficulties and conflicts raised do to the adaptation in a new place, and cross-cultural differences. In order to integrate experiences, both, with in and with out the intimate circle, it may be very helpful to understand situations with a local way to see things and experiences in order to clarified some reactions or ways to connect or interact, that  local people find appealing but not clear to you with in the context.
It is also a service to support any activity of foreign people or interaction with local community or audiences during short periods of time in a wide variaty of setting, it can be a week, a month or a year providing with consecutive translation or interpretation, even in the case of technical work that requires specifics wording to be used, in person to person comunication.
Integrating cultural understanding and psychological counseling knowledge provide both, emotional and intercultural support to individuals that need to interact with in the country, or support for whom may be left at home with out any activity or companion.
Please feel free to send me an e-mail ( ), or give me a call at 0261-15-2464920 (if you are in the same area code do not need the 0261), if you are calling before the trip from outside Argentina call 54-2619- 2464920 and I will be happy to assist you in any way.
Thanks for your business.

 DANIEL PACHECO Cel: 15.3242.4909

Maipú, Mendoza, Republica Argentina / 0261-152464920 / /

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